Symphonyfor orchestra

Ferenc Farkas composed his Symphony in 1952.

“It was the first time that I tackled this musical genre. In my Symphony, of neoclassical character but without any style constraints, I have put on an explosion of strong emotions.

Attendance at concerts having democratized with the arrival of communism, it was necessary to adapt my work that lasts three quarters of an hour to an audience not only made up of traditional listeners but also less knowledgeable workers.

At the Union of Musicians the new works were regularly discussed and my Symphony also came up for examination. With the exception of my friend the composer Lajos Vass, every one of the participants made such disheartening comments that I lost all enthusiasm and I put my Symphony away in a drawer”. — Ferenc Farkas

Ferenc Farkas’ unique Symphony was performed in concert and recorded on CD for the first time in its entirety in Budapest in 2021.