Piccola musica di concerto

My piece entitled Piccola musica di concerto aims to revive the practice of playing music at home as it was customary in Haydn’s time.

It is a relatively easy work of lucid structure and simple shaping which, though it tries to avoid special difficulties, gives the performer a demanding task by the irregular rhythms of the last movement.

The four-movement work was written in 1961 and has often been performed in most of the concert halls of the world

The first movement is a cheerful Allegro in sonata form. It is followed by a short slow Andante and a graceful Scherzo with a pizzicato trio. The final movement is a fast rondo written in the so-called “Bulgarian rhythm”. — Ferenc Farkas

Piccola musica di concerto has been adapted for guitar quartet by Philippe Rayer in 1987.