Maschere / Mascarade

During my stay in Rome, after graduating from the Respighi master school, I came across a book which was illustrated with paintings by Gino Severini. In 1983, the 100th anniversary of the painter’s birth gave me the opportunity to compose my “Maschere”.

The three movements of the original version, “Maschere” for piano, give life to figures of “Commedia dell’arte” : Colombina, Povera Pulcinella, Arlecchino. I tried in my music to show the different individualities of the characters.

The same year, I also wrote two other versions of my work by adding two movements : Il Capitano and Pantalone. The first version for oboe, clarinet and bassoon is entitled “Mascarade”. I sent it to the widow of the painter with the dedication “Omaggio a Gino Severini all’ occasione del centenario di sua nascita”. Written for chamber orchestra, the second version also bears the name of “Maschere”.

— Ferenc Farkas