Aria e rondo all'ungherese

In 1993, I met the violinists Lore Schrettner and Albert Kocsis during the Festival “Musik hat keine Grenzen” in Knittelfeld. The idea then came to me to compose for these two friends a work that they could perform together.

The “Aria e Rondo all’ungherese” was composed in 1994 and should have been created by my two friends in 1995 but Albert Kocsis died suddenly shortly before the “premiere”. The work was nevertheless presented at Knittelfeld in 1995 with Lore Schrettner and Martin Schminke, accompanied by the “Louis Spohr Sinfonietta”.

The theme of “Aria e Rondo all ungherese” is a 18th century melody, the author of which is unknown. This why I chose a classical style to write this work. The second theme - quasi trio - has the same origin. I used “quasi-neutral” material for the different “couplets” of the Rondo, the most significant of which (meno mosso, bar 114) appears again at the end of the work as an “epilogue”. — Ferenc Farkas