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New CD release!

Chamber music, volume six
on Toccata classics

Toccata classics recordings just released a new volume in its Ferenc Farkas series which focuses on chamber music with violin.

Featuring Gyula Stuller (violin), Yukari Shimanuki (viola), Dénes Várjon (piano) and the Stuller Quartet.

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Selection of works

1943 Instr. Solo

Early hungarian dances from the 17th century

Régi magyar táncok a 17. századbólAntiche danze ungheresi del 17. secolo

Suite of dances for piano or harpsichord
1942 Opera

The magic cupboard

Der WunderschrankL’armoire magiqueA bűvös szekrény

Opera in 2 acts based on a story from the "Thausand and one nights" - original version for symphonic orchestra
1960 Opera

Csínom Palkó

Popular romantic opera
1949, rev. 1956 Ballet / Scenic

The sly students

Die listigen StudentenFurfangos diákok

Ballet in one act and 6 scenes based on a novel by Mór Jókai adapted by Gusztáv Oláh
1974 Orchestra


Adaptation for orchestra of the piano work by Franz Liszt
1937, rev. 1956 Concerto

Concertino for harp and orchestra

1952 Orchestra


for orchestra
1961 String orchestra

Piccola musica di concerto

for string orchestra