Ferenc Farkas

Sonate romantique for bassoon and piano

Hommage à Brahms

This work exists on CD

Description: english

> sample : Allegro agitato
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Composed: 1982
Parts: Allegro agitato, Scherzo, Andante moderato, Allegro vivace
Durata: 10'
Publication: Editio Musica Budapest 


The Sonate romantique for bassoon and piano is a rich and playful composition; only the subtitle of the work “Hommage à Brahms” might be a little difficult to understand to the listener. The main reason will be the third movement, which theme is based on the following notes: b flat (B) – d (R) – a (A) – b natural (H) – e (M) - flat (S). After a very charming first movement (written in A-B-A or sonata form), comes the Scherzo, which is the strongest part of the work. No single bar or indeed any note is superfluous. The intricate rhythm changes will demand and amply repay the listener attention !