Ferenc Farkas

Fóti dal

for 4-part mixed choir

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Composed: 1993
Text: in Hungarian by Mihály Vörösmarty
Durata: 3'49''
Publication: Editio Musica Budapest 

Text translated in english

The pearl surfaces in wine - and a good thing too. None can curtail its right to do so. Indeed, let all that's pearly soar into the sky; let all cowardly clods remain on the ground.
Hey, friend, fellow countryman, drink wine! You're gloomy, down in the mouth, drink up! Woes will become enfeebled and good mood will thrive, there's no better health-giving nectar than wine.
Trouble sleeps in wine like a child, the Magyars have for many centuries been troubled, it's time to awaken at once: time to cheer up, now or never!
The Hungarian drinks his wine - and a good thing too. There's no reason why the liquor should do him harm. He drinks a big one for the country, and screams: only one ought finally to do something, too.
Oh well, never mind, things will be different from now, we'll help the country with both words and deeds, if God wills it so, as we certainly do, we'll let it not be stained or soiled with sin.
Let all men be men - Hungarian men, treading the earth and shrouded by the sky. Thus, reaching out to each other, our people will doubtless bravely cope with any menace.
May all our wishes become holy prayers, our manly chest our holy prayers' temple, let us empty this glass for the country:  a glass of wine for the country will do no harm!