Ferenc Farkas

Ének Szent Erzsébetről

 for 4-part mixed choir

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Composed: 1981
Text: in Hungarian (Kájoni Cantionale)
Durata: 2'35''
Publication: Kontrapunkt Music


Written in 1987, Ének Szent Erzsébetről (St Elizabeth's Song) refers to St. Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231), the princess of the poors. In this song, Farkas revives the old cantus firmus technique as the tenor part sings in long notes a melody taken from the Kájoni Cantionale, a seventeenth-century Hungarian hymn-book. 

László Gombos
Noble and beautiful star of Hungary, 
Prominent member of the female order, 
St Elizabeth, daughter of King Andrew, 
Who early embraced holiness. 
She gave both hands to undertake great work, 
With her fingers she turned the wheel, 
She opened her door to the poor, 
She gave food to the starving. 
Beautiful and beloved plant of our nation, 
We glorify you with other nations, 
St Elizabeth, our brilliant saint 
We can follow you with confidence throughout our lives.