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Csángó szonatina for 3 guitars

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Composed: 1977
Parts: 1) Sonatina - 2) Canzone - 3) Rondo
Durata: 5'
Publication: AFPublishing
Reworking: Five easy piano pieces for piano
Five easy piano pieces for 2 cimbaloms
Sonatina for harp


In 1977 Farkas re-elaborated a number of folk songs collected in the Hungarian countryside and created two brief suites “Csàngò szonatina” and “Ricordo di Somogy”, little pearls in the repertoire for three guitars in which the fascination of some of the themes is enhanced by his skilled use of timbre in the various instrumental registers.


Nel 1977 Farkas rielaborando alcune canzoni popolari raccolte nell' entroterra ungherese, crea le due brevi suites “Csàngò szonatina” e “Ricordo di Somogy”, piccole perle del repertorio per tre chitarre nelle quali il fascino di alcuni temi viene esaltato dall'uso sapiente del timbro nei vari registri strumentali.

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