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List of works edited by AFPublishing

Symphony orchestra

Capriccio all'ungherese
Dance from Transylvania
Dances from Kálló
Dances from the Mátra
Ouverture to  a comedy
Scherzo sinfonico
Sketches from Bükk
Suite "Det gyldene smil" 
Suite "Flugten fra Millionerne"
Suite from the incidental music to « The tragedy of man » by Imre Madách
Symphony, Finale
Szeged fountain's symphony
Timon of Athens
Trois morceaux en forme de poire (Erik Satie)

Concerto Alla danza ungherese for violin and string orchestra
Concertino for harp and string orchestra or string quartet
Rondo capriccio for violin and string orchestra
Chamber music As you like it, suite in old style for 2 violins and harp
As you like it, suite in old style for violin, viola and harp
Csángó szonatina for 3 guitars
Dances from Csiksomlyós for tárogató and cimbalom
Dances from Esztergom for tárogató and cimbalom
Early Hungarian dances from the 17th century / Antiche danze for violin, viola and harp
Early Hungarian dances from the 17th century / Antiche danze  for flute, clarinet, basset horn and bass clarinet
Echo des Carpates for Alphorn and organ
Eclogue for flute and harp
Eclogue for violoncello and harp
Fantasia for 2 harps
Kuruc songs and dances from the county of Ugrocz for 3 tárogató and harpsichord
Petite ouverture for flute, horn and harp
Piccola musica di concerto for guitar quartet
Quattro pezzi for double-bass solo and wind quintet
Ricordanze for English horn, violin, viola and violoncello
Ricordo di Somogy for guitar trio
Rondo capriccio for violin solo and wind quintet
Serenade for recorder and 2 violins
Six Hungarian folk-songs for flute or recorder, violin and violoncello
Ten studies for violin and viola
Two ungaresca for tárogató and  cimbalom or harpsichord
Solo music Allegro impetuoso for harp
Hybrides for cimbalom
Shepherd dance for harp
Sonata for guitar
Sonatina for harp
Subulo for tárogató
Cantata, oratorio Ersélyi betlehemes játék, cantata for unisono choir and small orchestra
Vivit Dominus, cantata for mixed choir and orchestra
Mixed choir A kisdednek for 4-part mixed choir
A reggel for 4-part mixed choir
Arra alá Baranyában for 4-part mixed choir
Chansons de fou for 4-part mixed choir
Crépuscule for 4-part mixed choir
Deutsche Lieder for 4-part mixed choir
Ekkosang for 4-part mixed choir
Feu profond for 4-part mixed choir
Heide-Skizzen for 4-part mixed choir
Honszeretet for 4-part mixed choir
Itt az Úrnak angyala, Christmas song for 4-part mixed choir
King Herod and the cock, English Christmas song for 4-part mixed choir
Le roi Hérode et le coq, English Christmas song for 4-part mixed choir
Lotharingiai népdalok / Lieder aus Lothringen for 4-part mixed choir and piano ad lib.
Madrigal à la rose for 4-part mixed choir
Májusi dalocska for 4-part mixed choir
Mennyböl az angyal, Hungarian Christmas song for 4-part mixed choir
Milliók Szájával for 4-part mixed choir
Népek Karéneke for 4-part mixed choir
Pásztorok talpra for 4-part mixed choir
Pensieri notturni for 4-part mixed choir
Szent Margit királynéról for 4-part mixed choir or choir in unison and organ
Villancico, Christmas song from South America for 4-part mixed choir
Male choir A lábodi hegy alatt for 3-part male choir
Fel ! for 4-part male choir
Fölkél a hüs hajnali szél for 4-part male choir - 5 bulgarian folksongs
Három palócz katonanóta for 4-part male choir 
Két madrigal for 4-part male choir
Kurucdal for 4-part male choir and piano ad lib. 
Pataki bordal for 3-part male choir
Pintes-üveg for 4-part male choir - drinking songs
Rekrutasor for 4-part male choir
Sárga recepice for 4-part male choir
Somogyi juhász nótái for 4-part male choir
Vadászkar for 4-part male choir
Várkonyi futónóta for 4-part male choir
Zöld mezönek közepében for 3-part male choir 
Zúg az erdö, harsog a trombita for 4-part male choir
Children's choir  A string of pearls for 2-part children's choir or upper voices
Miscellaneous choir Állj be közibénk ! for 3 equal voices with piano accompaniment 
Biztatás canon a 3
Dal a szabadságról for unisono choir with piano accompaniment ad.lib.
Hat kis kánon - Canons
Kánon a munkáról - canon a 3
Kánon a versekröl - canon a 4
Kánon az erényekröl - canon a 4
Légy áldott szép hazánk for unisono choir with piano accompaniment
Magot a földbe - canon a 3
Voice and piano / organ

A reményhez for voice and piano
Add a kezed  for voice and piano
Ave verum  for voice, violin ad lib. and organ
Cantiones sacrae for voice and piano or organ
Cinque canzoni dei trovatori / Öt francia trubadùr dallam for voice and piano
Eszterlànc for voice and piano
Fülemile for voice and piano
Gasel for voice and piano
Gyàsz helyett for voice and piano
Gyöngy / Perle for voice and piano
Három dal for voice and piano
Margaréta for voice and piano
Milyen? for voice and piano
Nyárvégi csillagok for voice and piano
Régi temetö for voice and piano
Rózsahullató fa for voice and piano
Sötétedö for voice and piano
Vök iskolája for voice and piano
Zeng az erdö for voice and piano

Voice and other instruments Chartina (Χαρτινα) / Papirszeletek for voice and clarinet
Fruit basket / Gyümölcskosár / Fruchtkorb / Panier de fruit for clarinet quartet
Hat magyar népdal for voice, recorder, violin and violoncello
La guitarra for voice and guitar
La guitarra for voice and 2 guitars
Songs from the "Twelfth night" for voice and harp
Sonnet VII de Louise Labé for soprano, flute and harp
Hungarian folksongs  Hat magyar népdal for voice and piano
Négy magyar népdal for voice and piano
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