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01.-The-birthplace-of-Feren.jpg 02.-Ferenc-Farkas,-22-years.jpg 03.-Sonata-for-viola-and-pi.jpg
Ferenc Farkas’s birthplace in Nagykanizsa Ferenc Farkas, 22 years old - He studies composition at the Academy of Music in Budapest Sonata for viola and piano, 1926 - Cover score designed by Ferenc Farkas
04.-1929,-Ferenc-Farkas-and.jpg 05.-Roma,-15-march-1931-–-G.jpg 06.-Photo-by-Juci-Laub,-Las.jpg
1929 - Ferenc Farkas and his professor Ottorino Respighi at the Accademia Santa Cecilia in Rome Roma 1931 – Garden party by Ottorino Respighi Photo by Juci Laub, Laszló Somogyi conductor’s wife, 1932
07.-Vienna-1933.jpg 08.-Copenhagen-1934.jpg 09.-1942,-Kolozsvár.jpg
Vienna 1933 - During the filming of Pál Fejős director’s “Sonnenstrahl”. Ferenc Farkas is sitting next to Margit Kummer, his future wife. In front of him, the actor Gustav Fröhlich Copenhagen 1934 - Ferenc Farkas records his music for a Pál Fejős’s film “Flugten fra Millionerne” in the Nordisk Film Studios Cluj 1942 - In Farkas’s house. On his right Gusztáv Oláh who created the sets and costumes for the first performance of Farkas opera’s “A bűvös szekrény”(The magic cupboard). On his left the director Kálmán Nádasdy
10.-«-A-buvös-szekrény-»-(T.jpg 11.-«-A-buvös-szekrény-».jpg 12._Székesfehérvár,_1947_.jpg
Ferenc Farkas opera’s “A bűvös szekrény”(The magic cupboard) in Cluj, 1943 – The Mufti and the Cadi The opera “A bűvös szekrény”(The magic cupboard), Hungarian Television, 1975 - The Grand Vizier and Suleika Székesfehérvár, 1947 - The first lines of Sándor Weöres’s new poem, which the poet showed to Ferenc Farkas. Underneath, the composer spontaneously wrote a sketch for a new choir: “Rózsa Madrigal”(Rose-madrigal)
13.-«-Furfangos-diákok-»-(T.jpg 14.-«-Csínom-Palkó-»--–-Kas.jpg 15.-Ferenc-Farkas’s-«-house.jpg
Farkas’s ballet “Furfangos diákok”(The sly students) at the Festival of Edinburgh, 1963 Farkas’s opera “Csínom Palkó” – Košice, 1954 Ferenc Farkas’s «house of creativity» in Ballatonlelle (at Lake Balaton) where he spent his summers during 39 years.
16.-Warsaw,-1956---Ferenc-F.jpg 17.-Balatonlelle-1961---Kar.jpg 18.-Budapest,-1962.jpg
Warsaw 1956 - Ferenc Farkas and Witold Lutoslawski Balatonlelle 1961 - Karlheinz Gutheim and Ferenc Farkas translate into German the libretto of the opera “A büvös szekrény”(The magic cupboard) Budapest 1962 - Ferenc Farkas surrounded by some of his former students from the Music Academy. From left to right the composers György Kurtág, Miklós Kocsar, Emil Petrovics, Lajos Vass and Sándor Szokolay
19._Ferenc-Farkas-at-his-desk-i.jpg 20.-Budapest,-1962---Ferenc.jpg 21.-December-1962---Hungari.jpg
1962 - Ferenc Farkas at his desk in Budapest 1962 - Ferenc Farkas with his son András and his wife Margit 1962, Hungarian Radio - Ferenc Farkas gives to Zoltán Kodály the “Variations on a Kodály’s theme” for the 80th anniversary of the master. On Kodály’s left, his wife Sarolta Péczely - on his right, the composer Ferenc Szabó - behind him, the composers András Szőllőssi and Pál Kadosa
22.-Budapest,-1965---Ferenc.jpg 23._Balatonlelle,-1966.jpg 24.-Budapest,-1970.jpg
1965 - Ferenc Farkas at his piano Balatonlelle 1966 Budapest 1970 - Ferenc Farkas is playing his musical "Piroschka" to Hugo Hartung (the author of the roman “Ich denke oft an Piroschka”). Behind Farkas, his son András
25.-International-Choir-Com.jpg 26.-Budapest,-1970.jpg 27.-Nagykanizsa,-1976.jpg
International Choir Competition in Debrecen, 1970 - Ferenc Farkas gives autographs to young singers Budapest 1970 Nagykanizsa 1976 - Ferenc Farkas conducting a concert dedicated to his works
28.-Vienna,-03.03-1979.jpg 29.-Budapest,-1983.jpg 30.-04.06.1991,-Hungarian-S.jpg
Vienna 1979 - Ferenc Farkas receives the Herder Prize from the hands of Vienna’s University rector Dr. Kurt Komarek Budapest 1983 - Ferenc Farkas is writing the score of his opera “Egy Úr Velencéből”(A gentleman of Venice) on a libretto by Sándor Márai. The opera will be presented only in 1991 1991 – Creation of Farkas’s opera “Egy Úr Velencéből”(A gentleman of Venice) in the Hungarian State Opera, Budapest - Casanova and Franchesca
31.-1983,-International-Cho.jpg 32.-09.08.1986---Concert-at.jpg 33.-Budapest,-1995---Ferenc.jpg
1983, International Chorus Composition Contest in Arezzo - Ferenc Farkas with the other members of the jury. On the left, his good friend, the composer Goffredo Petrassi 1986 - Concert at Crans-Montana : Farkas’s “Concertino rustico”. The composer with the hornist József Molnár and Yehudi Menuhin Budapest 1995 - Ferenc Farkas is 90 years old
Budapest, October 10. 2000 - The last five measures written by Ferenc Farkas: the beginning of a children’s chorus on Garcia Lorca’s poem “Veleta”    
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